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You know you want your player to feel like a celebrity but need some help choosing headlines for their magazine cover?  Keep reading for some Lacrosse inspired headlines...


  1. Just reLAX
  2. If you can’t handle Lacrosse, then go play Baseball
  3. You can’t buy Happiness but you can buy a Lacrosse stick
  4. Keep calm & Lax ON
  5. It’s dangerous but I love it
  6. Check yourself or I’ll do it for you
  7. Play hard and smart
  8. Let’s talk with sticks
  9. Born to Lax!
  10. Born to defend!
  11. Cut, Block and score
  12. Go big with your stick
  13. Lacrosse: The way of life
  14. Good day in life is good day in Lax
  15. Play hard or go home
  16. LAX is life, the rest is just details
  17. Hit it and win it
  18. Teamwork makes you perfect
  19. Fast and Furious
  20. Nothing like Lacrosse
  21. Do or Die
  22. Time to play Lacrosse
  23. It’s all about stick and ball
  24. Play like a champion
  25. Play hard – Win hard
  26. Lacrosse: Only if you’re tough
  27. The road to Lacrosse
  28. It’s lacrosse time
  29. Live long & play Lacrosse
  30. In love with Lacrosse
  31. Keep Calm & Play Lacrosse
  32. Keep Calm & Lacrosse On
  33. There is no crying in Lacrosse
  34. Lacrosse Legend
  35. My heart beats for Lacrosse
  36. I heart Lacrosse
  37. Life would be boring without Lacrosse
  38. I’m either Lax or think about it!
  39. Today is a fantastic day to Lax
  40. Lacrosse: Risk everything, Fear nothing, Live with no regrets
  41. Lacrosse: where the weak are killed & eaten
  42. Hustle Hit & Never Quit
  43. O.C.L.D. Obsessive Compulsive Lacrosse Disorder
  44. Lacrosse is Bacon of Sports
  45. Lacrosse All day every day
  46. I just want to play Lax & Chill
  47. No talky during Lacrosse
  48. Do more of what makes you happy, for me that’s Lacrosse
  49. Lacrosse is my Super Power
  50. I like you almost as much as Lacrosse
  51. Lacrosse star, in the making!
  52. My first crush will always be Lacrosse
  53. I’d rather be playing Lacrosse
  54. Sorry I can’t, It’s Lacrosse season
  55. If Baseball is life then Lacrosse is Heaven
  56. Lacrosse Girls Rule
  57. If Lacrosse was easy, it would be called Football
  58. If you can’t play nice, play Lacrosse
  59. Lacrosse because even Footballers need heroes
  60. Give blood, Play Lacrosse
  61. I don’t like Lacrosse, I love it


  1. Strength is earned, not given
  2. Achieve the dream
  3. Prove them wrong
  4. Stand up, Be the one
  5. Blood, sweat & Lacrosse
  6. My goal is to deny yours
  7. Attitude is everything, have a good one

Pick your favourite headlines and contact me to design your player's magazine cover.


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