Behind the scenes during a Winter photo shoot at Elbow Tree Cottage

April 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A curious dog, a very long skirt and extremely deep snow!  Here's a picture of behind the scenes before getting this very noble look from both models.  A winter princess with her protective sidekick but there was plenty of silliness going on before pulling this off.

Her mother and I had fun pulling together this inspired outfit of textures and layers and doesn't this German Shepherd look like such a good boy!  He looks as if his eyes are saying "Stay away from my little girl!"

*photographed here at Elbow Tree Cottage

Working DogA portrait of a girl and her dog in the winter snowA protective and noble looking German Shepherd with a young girl in a knitted outfit

*Hat, blanket and skirt belong to me; the other layers belong to the model.  I often mix and match what I have here in studio with what my clients bring and it's surprisingly fun how the looks work out so perfectly.


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