Seven tips to prepare your family for a photo shoot

April 29, 2020  •  1 Comment

7 tips, family photography,Seven TipsPreparing your family for a photo shoot

There are 7 things I tell parents when preparing for their family photo shoot.  These tips help prepare you and your family so the getting ready, showing up and having fun is stress free.  

The first thing I say to moms who are planning a family photo shoot is ... INCLUDE EVERYONE: Get your family excited about the shoot. Involve them in the discussion of what you will be doing and where you will be doing it. Kids and adults alike want to know what's coming. Let them know they will be featured on the walls like the rock stars you know they are and they will no doubt perform accordingly 👍 

PREPARE: The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your family will be so plan your outfits at least one-week in advance and set them aside so you are not fussing with stains on the day of your shoot. If your time before the shoot is rushed and stressful, this mood will be hard to break. Set the tone and be ready with spare time to relax or play with your children before the Session. ✨ 

EAT: Full tummies (or at least not hungry tummies) make for happy kids. Children are more likely to be restless and easily upset when they are hungry. Please bring snacks and drinks to keep them going and remember to avoid anything that will stain their face or get stuck in their teeth.

COMFORT: It's okay if your child wants to bring their favourite toy, blanket or anything that brings them comfort. They can take a break for a snuggle or maybe blankie should be in the picture too? Did you have a blankie when you were a child? Or was it something else?

ENJOY: I don't recommend making appointments immediately after your shoot. You have set this time aside for you all to be together – embrace it and be in the moment.

YOU CAN’T FAIL: There is no right or wrong way to do this. Love your family, hug them, throw your children into the air, tickle each other, enjoy a favourite activity and I will capture the interactions between your family. 

NO PRESSURE:  There is no hard and fast time limit for your session duration so don't worry if it takes time for your children to warm up.


You mentioned a lot of important points, some of which I like very much, such as comfort, this topic was very important. Session with your children for a photo should be fun, so no matter how long this take, the parent should enjoy the time and wait for the precious moment. Many people frighten their children, and as a result, this fear is reflected in that photo. Thanks for the tips.
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