Hey Moms, organizing a photo shoot can sound confusing - but it doesn't have to be

August 18, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Family PhotographerFamily Photo ShootsWestlock County Photo Shoots To some, thinking about organizing a photo shoot can be confusing – how do I herd the cats?  That’s why I’m here to give you 7 quick tips on preparing your family.  The first three are below, click the image above for the full seven.

TIP 1: EAT Full tummies make for happy kids. Children are more likely to be restless and easily upset when they’re hungry. Bring snacks and drinks to keep them going and remember to avoid anything that will stain their face or get stuck in their teeth.

TIP 2: COMFORT It’s okay if your child wants to bring their favourite toy, blanket or anything else that brings them comfort. They can take a break for a snuggle or maybe blankie should be in the picture too – don’t we all have fond memories of our favourite blanket or stuffy!

TIP 3: YOU CAN’T FAIL There is no right or wrong way to do this. Love your family, hug them throw your children in the air, tickle each other, enjoy a favourite activity and I will capture your family’s interactions.

It’s starting to sound straightforward right? Tell me, did this help you?

Message me if there’s anything I can help answer for you and click here or the image above for more tips.


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