Surprise, Tease & Wow

May 08, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

So your beautiful Vintage Memory Cards have arrived and as much as they're for you, you'd also like to share your beautiful self with your your significant other.  Here's a list of 10 ways you can surprise, tease and wow him with your images.  

BoudoirVintage Memory Cards by Juniper Berry PhotographyHow to use your cards from your boudoir shoot

  1. Create a path of cards to lead him to a destination of your choice.
  2. Make his morning coffee memorable by putting one by the coffee machine or inside his favourite cup.
  3. Slip one into his laptop bag so he finds it when he gets to work.
  4. Leave it by his toothbrush in the morning.
  5. Put one into the inside pocket of his jacket pocket.
  6. Slip one into his dresser drawer for when he grabs his favourite pair of jeans - his favourite pair of jeans will now remind him of you.
  7. Pack one into his toiletry bag when he packs for a trip out of town.
  8. Slip one under his pillow - How long will it be until he wakes you up?
  9. When you leave town, leave one on your pillow.
  10. Use hints and tips to send him on a scavenger hunt.  When he finds them all, what will he win?

Leave me a comment and tell me how you'll use your Vintage Memory Cards.


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