7 Reasons Why Winter Shoots Are Great

January 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sure, winter can be chilly but it's a beautiful time of year to book your portrait session.  Read on for 7 reasons why winter photo shoots are great:

Photo Shoot, Edmonton, Alberta, PortraitWhy a winter photo shoot is great

1.          Frost

Hoar Frost is beautifully picturesque and once you add your gorgeous self we create custom art you will be proud to display in your home.  Hoar Frost is common at the beginning of winter buy can be seen throughout the season.  I hope these whimsical crystals can play a part in your photo shoot.

2.     Grey skies equal beautiful skin

No joke – photographers use light to keep you looking beautiful and in the winter there are so many days with beautiful soft light.  Cloudy days may not seem ideal but they will smooth your skin and help you look your best.

3.       Winter wardrobe

Do you secretly prefer your winter wardrobe to your summer wardrobe?  The boots, jackets, cozy scarves and textured knits!  You are getting excited imagining it, right? I’m thinking of the layering combinations and my heart is racing.  If you need any advice or ideas on what to wear I’m here to help.

4.     Winter sun

As mentioned above, the winter sun is much more flattering than the high, specular sun of summer.  It’s fabulous because it stays relatively low in the sky and nature’s natural filters make it beautiful before it lights you.  If you want to glow, consider a winter shoot.

5.       Sunset & sunrise

It gets better and better.  Sunset and sunrise are the best times of day to shoot.  In summer, this means getting up at silly-o’clock or getting home long after dinnertime but in winter, you will be home in time for dinner and to cosy up with your loved ones on the sofa.

6.      Winter makes you the focus

You’re not just a prop in all of the autumn colours.  The wintery background makes sure the focus in on you and you’re going to look great!  I love burgundy. and navy blue can be beautiful too.  Whatever colours you decide to wear, you will shine.  If you prefer a more muted neutral look - perfect – wear neutral colours and the background will play along.  Winter backdrops are starting to sound amazing, right!?

7.       Snow

Lots of people hope for snow when booking a winter photo shoot.  I’ve got my snow pants, warm boots and down jacket ready to walk through deep snow for you.  I’ll be prepared to record your memories in the snow so you can capture the beauty of this season before it melts.

If you want to discuss your shoot or book to take advantage of the unique opportunities winter provides drop me a line.


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