Fall/Winter 2017 Juniper Berry Magazine

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The Fall/Winter version of the Juniper Berry Magazine is now available.  It could just be me but it seems to come around quicker and quicker each year.  This magazine version features a new Cover Girl (and gentleman) and some new products.  Click here to see the newest magazine

Juniper Berry Photography MagazineFall / Winter 2017

Giggle Fits

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These behind the scenes images brought tears to his mother's eyes.  As a mother you want your children to be happy.  As your photographer, I want your children to be happy too.  Following a shoot I often go through the images and wonder what happened at particular moments to evoke certain looks and smiles.  Did I say something funny?  I don’t consider myself funny so it must have just been silliness.  I do remember this moment though, maybe because it lasted for quite a while, this boy had the giggle-fits and he couldn’t stop laughing.  His giggle was infectious.

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Giggle-fitsGiggle FitsGiggles behind the scenes

Remember when ...

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This family wanted to do something a little different for their annual family photo shoot so we took it to the city.  We scooted, climbed ramps, enjoyed the city skyline and above all else, the family loved each other, shared sideways glances, knowing looks, encouraging smiles and giggles.  It's possible that not everyone wanted to be there but at the end of the day they have a story to tell and images to remind them "about that time...."

You can picture the setting - you are at a family gathering and maybe turning the pages of one of your family photo albums and your sister/brother laughs and says "Remember that time mom brought us to that parkade ..."

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Collect memories, not things.

Annual Urban Photo ShootA family's annual photo shoot in downtown Edmonton, Alberta

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Juniper Berry Slideshows

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You will be moved when you see your images presented in a Juniper Berry slideshow.  The music sets the tone for your visual memories and after watching your slideshow you will be excited to forward it to family and friends so you can share your experience with them.  

The value of these moments will only increase as time passes and the memories will come flooding back every time you watch your slideshow.

If you decide to enhance your photo experience with a slideshow you can download it to your home computer and/or phone to watch it anytime and show it to friends.

Explore the slideshow gallery to find out if this is something you want for your special moments.


Juniper Berry Slideshows

Road Trip!

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I'll call it a road trip even though it's not far from home.  I believe it classifies as a road trip if I’ve got hot coffee and a place to be.  Some days it’s an opportunity to be quiet and alone with my thoughts and other days I turn up the volume and get lost in the beat of a good song.  Today was a beautiful day to drive into the country for a photo shoot; the contrast of the yellow canola against blue sky was too beautiful not to make me grateful for my surroundings.  Enjoy your road trip and take time to admire the beauty around you - tag me on your road trip.

Road TripA beautiful drive in the country on the way to a photo shoot